Chiang Mai, The best choice with the variety

Chiang Mai, the best choice with the variety

Chiang Mai is one of the famous sites where many tourists both Thai and foreign interested in visiting as it is not too big and hectic or as bust as in the other big cities. It is also the perfect combination of nature, culture, tradition as well as the adventure & fun activities. Chiang Mai is rich of the nature sites which you could enjoy. For example Doi Inthanont National Park and Doi Suthep-Pui National Park where located not too far and could visit all year round. Temples in the old town of Chiang Mai are also open for the public. Some temples have the small corner for the foreign to get a chance to talk and learn about the Buddhism with the monks and young novices which gives both sides the great opportunity to learn and get more understanding. The local life of the locals in Chiang Mai is also easy to see in the day local markets   where you could find almost everywhere in Chiang Mai as the locals love to cook their own meal so knowing the markets is important to find more ingredient for cooking. Trying some local food is one of the best part for the food lovers as well. Get bored from temples and walking in the old town, doing some activities like Elephant care, ATV, Zip lining, White Water Rafting, Kayaking or some of the parks like Tiger Kingdom or Snake Farm would be somethings to make you feel fresh and fun. Walking around in the old time also a good idea to see people and get interact with them by talking or chatting is one way to enjoy with the locals as well. So in conclusion, Chiang Mai would be a great choice for you to visit in this trip or to plan the next future trip.

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