Wat Doi Phra Chan, Lampang province, Thailand

Wat Doi Phra Chan, Lampang province, Thailand.

Please don’t get bored with the heading which are always Wat! Wat! and Wat!. That because our country is one of the Buddhism countries in Asia and the people believe in the Lords Buddha. Most of the area in Thailand are temples spreading very area. If you love to see the peaceful and graceful architecture, temples are the best place for you to visit.

This time, we are going to tell you about one of the temple in Lampang Province. This time, it is about the temple located up the hill in Mae Ta area. Temple is new, but also worth to visit. It called “ Doi Phra Chan Temple”, has no record of the foundation as the elderly in that area had told that they had seen this temple since they were born. However the temple last restoration was in 2012 until now, we could see the temple located gracefully on the top of the hill and became one of the famous attraction in Lampang. At the temple, they are not allowed you to take the car and park in the temple ground as there is a small parking also the road to go up is narrow so that you could take the local transportation which provided by the local villager instead. There is no fee, but it would be nice if you support them some donations for the gasoline in the donation box. The ride to the temple ground is a bout 5-1o minutes. Soon after reaching to temple ground, you could find the big Buddha statue in bronze on the top in Japanese style which is copy the DiabudhSeu Buddha in Kawamura, Japan to place in Thailand. We could say that it is the perfect culture mixed as Thailand and Japan are also the Buddhist countries. There’s a nice view for you to take photos before walking to the temple ground where is very beautiful and graceful of the Thai architecture. You could decide to walk down the stairs back to the main entrance of the temple, but you might have to carry your shoes along as you are going to walk down stairs. However if you think it would be difficult to walk, you could leave you shoes at the back and return to the service shutter trucks to get back to the main entrance. The view of the temple from the front of the vihara is stunning. Walking down also a pleasant walk by passing through the small path with the shade of the trees alongside of the walk way. We suggested take the service shutter truck and walking down would be more interesting and better for someone who has bad knees or health problem because walking up would be tough to go. Of cause visiting the temple as the sacred place, please be clam and polite to show respect to the place and the people. Hopefully this temple would be one of the idea for you while visiting in the northern Thailand or you could add it on the plan if you travel on route to Chiang Mai or other way round.

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