Koh Kood , Trat Province , Thailand ( Ko Kut)

Koh Kood or Ko Kut, Trat Prince , Thailand.


Many people usually visit to the main area of Thailand like Bangkok , Chiang Mai or even Phuket. There are all the center of the attractions and activities for visitors to do and to see.  However there is still a place which very peaceful and beautiful in Thailand.

Koh  Kood ( The Thai ways to pronounce) or Ko Kut as the official name is one of the island in the East coast of Thailand.  The island located in Trat province.  Instead of Koh Chang in Trat, Koh Kood is one of the place we would recommend you to visit. If you ‘re looking for the peaceful places to visit and relax.


There are many beaches in Koh Kood  as well as waterfalls and nature ( The attractions in Koh Kood such as Ao Salad Village , Klong Ki Waterfall , Klong Chao Waterfall , Klong Chao Beach , Tapao Beach, The 500 years Makka Tree and Chai Yak ( The Giant Bayan Tree) and Khao  Rua Rob ) . Sea Food in Koh Kood ( Ko Kut) is also more varieties and reasonable price compare with Phuket. Here is the island of sea food and heaven of the people who love sea food as well.

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Snorkeling is one of the famous activity for you to enjoy with the beautiful coral reefs and the colorful fish could be found here. Kayaking is also very good activities for you to do as well.


However we not recommend to someone who is going to ride the motorbike if you are not a good skill riders. Koh Kood is a small island compare to Koh Chang ,however the local roads in the island is very steep  as well as no lamp posts along the road only closes by the beaches or the community. It might be better for you to hide the local transportation if you prefer to go out at night. Also if there is nay accident happen from riding the motorbike. It would cost more than you are in the main land due to all parts would have to ordered from the main land in Trat Province. Sometimes it could cost as buying a new motorbike.

Koh Kood could be one of the choice for someone who love and seeking for the peaceful spot to relax. Keep Koh Kood in your mind if you plan to visit to the island and you would love this small island.


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