The U-pasombot : The ordinate of the Thai men

The Thai Ordain.

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The U-pasombot is the Thai word used to call the ordination of men who would become the monk. This word could also use for the young boys from 6-19 years old as well. However the name calling after the U-pasombot are different. The young boys from 6-19 years old would call ” Sammanan” or the novice  and all men after 20 years old would call ” Pra Pi-Su-Sangkha” or monk in English.

This kind of the tradition are practice for long time ago. Due to in the old days Thailand had no school for the children to learn. The temples are the places where the boys could learn all the subjects there. Compare with the girls , boys had more opportunity to learn and when they grew up they could work as the office in the palace. The girls would learn about all house works and cooking to became a good wife and a mother.

Now a day, this kind of the tradition still take place and practice among all Thai boys and Thai men to show highly respect to their parents or someone they really honor to show their dutiful and honorable.

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At least a week or longer which depending in each person. On the day before the the ceremony starts. The man who would becomes monk has to prepare himself and learn some Pali and Sanskrit words which is the words the monk would use during their time in the monk hood.  Shaving his hair  and eyes brown. Dressing in white robe for purity for the ordination on the next day.

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The process starts early in the morning. Family  and friends are gather together to show how happy they are to see him in the yellow robe. Thai way believe that family and friends could go to the heaven if someone they know becomes a monk and the link from the earth to the heaven. The ordination is one of the very important ceremony in the Thai men life which could show highly respect to the parents and his gratitude as well. It is not very offer for us to see this ceremony due to the way of life is now is very busy and difficult to ask for the leave. Mainly you could see in summer time for the young boys in many temple around end of March to April. The ceremony would last for half day. After the ceremony, the new monks or the young novices have to be in the temple as the days they intended to do which would told to the head monks of each temple. The next morning, they have to practice and follow all the foot step of the Lord Buddha by walking for alm bowl in the morning, practicing about the Buddhist and praying.


It is a lovely part of the Thai life style which is more important and nice to see. If you have a chance to see once, please don’t miss.


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