Sankampang Hot Spring, Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai is one of the destinations for the tourists who plan to visit to Thailand. Chiang Mai has many tourist attractions as well as many activities to do. However if you are the one that prefer not to visit to the crowded place and enjoy more with the relax and quiet atmosphere, Sankampang Hot Spring might be one of the interesting place you should consider. Located on the east side of Chiang Mai which takes 40 minutes or an hour to get there depends on the traffic.

Sankampang hot spring is one of the biggest hot spring in Chiang Mai instead of Fang Hot spring in the north side of Chiang Mai. However Fang is quite far to visit because it takes around 3 hours to get there which mean most of the time you would spend in the car which is not worth to go in one day. Sankampang Hot Spring would be the best option if you prefer to enjoy.

The hot spring is located in 29.5 acre with the shooting hot spring 105 degrees Celcius that you could take photo. However if you prefer to sit back and relax your feet with warn natural hot spring, there are the pool which is warmer and you could put your feet in and relax. Whether you prefer more to swim in the mineral water from the hot spring, you could bring your swimsuit along as there is also the warm mineral swimming pool in the area that you could swim in. Both of the relax pool for swimming and put your feet in which are also good for your blood circulation. With the area like a park, you could also see the families bring out their families and friends to hang out and relax there. In our opinion, Snakampang Hot Spring could be one of the places that you could hang out and relax in the nature and you could also add on your travel list if you are going to visit to Chiang Mai.

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