Wat Mahathat Temple, Ayutthaya

Wat Mahathat Temple, Ayutthaya

Mahathat Temple or Wat Mahathat is one of the most famous and most important  temple in Ayutthaya province. Located  in the historical site of Ayutthaya area.  The temple dated back from 1374, it is the temple where the Great relics  of the Lord Buddha contain , the chedi stands in the center of the temple ground.  Travelling from Bangkok , it takes  about an hour to get to Ayutthaya.  The visit to Wat Hamathat  is worth  visit.

After the arrival , you could see the temple walls surrounded the area. After get the tickets from the ticket box right at the front. You could walk around and enjoy with the atmosphere and could even imagine back in the old days. From the main entrance of the temple wall on the right. That is the most important point to see and taking the picture.

Many people have seen the picture on the postcards which selling in the postcards shops and everywhere.  Now we are talking about the most famous Buddha Face which covered by the Bodhi Tree Roots and you could see only his face. At this corner , there are many people stop by and taking the photos. However as you are in Thailand, as the Buddhist country and the Lord Buddha is highly respect  for us, please do not stand or stay higher than the Lord Buddha head. Please sit on the platform  that the officers have provided while taking the pictures. Sadly the Bodhi tree which covered the Buddha Head had broken due to the thunder and the rainstorm so the Fine Art Department and the Royal Forest Department of Thailand had joined the local officers in Ayutthaya to take care the Buddha head as seen at present.

Move around to other corners of the temple site ,you could find the beautiful  architect on the remained building spread out in the temple ground. The old Chedis , the temple walls as well as some of the beautiful Buddha images on the site itself. This temple is a good place to visit while you travelling in Thailand. Especially  if you love the historical site , old architect and of course taking photos. Add this temple for you visit in Ayutthaya because not only the historical site which spread out in Ayutthaya itself , you could also enjoy with the local food as Chiang Mai Tour Center  had mentioned in our blog as well.



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