Uthai Thani, A small lovely town.

Uthai Thani, A small lovely town.

The name “ Uthai Thani” might not be on your list while visiting in Thailand as it is a small town that

most people not even heard its name. Located lower part of Northern Thailand and the border of

the North and the Central part of Thailand. Thai people known as the hometown of King Rama the 1 st

of Thailand, the initiator Rattanakosin (Bangkok and the Grand Palace) as well as the Chakri Dynasty

until present. From Bangkok to Uthai Thani is about 3 hours drive. If you starts the trip from Chiang

Mai it would take around 6 hours in total. Uthai Thani is a small city along Sakae Krang River with the

population of 330,000 roughly. This small province still has the places for you to visit such as Sakae

Krang Temple which located up the hill near by the town where you could see the lovely view point

of the town as well as visiting the temple up top. Enjoy with the local food and tasty dishes from fish.

Of course, there is still one of the temples as the must. Tha Sung Temple is one of the famous and

fantastic sites for you to see the glass house or called “Viharn Kaew” in Thai. The building itself

decorated with mirror and glass which is magnificent to see. Other building for you to visit in the

same area of the Tha Sung Temple is the Golden castle or Thai people called “Pra Sart Tong Khum”

located behind the area of the temple as the museum where there are the thousands collection of

the Buddha images.

One of the unseen places that we would like to mention is “Hup Pa Tat”. It is the unseen place where

you could go back in time where you could explore. Walking through the dark inside of the cave may

difficult for you to guess what you are going to see. After the dark cave you could see the abandon

plants dated back to the dinosaur age as well as the stalagmites and the stalactites. If you love small

town, Uthai Thani would be one of the places that perfect as it is the unseen town.

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