” Dawn of Happiness ” – Sukhothai

” Dawn of Happiness ” – Sukhothai

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“Dawn of Happiness” is the definition of ” Sukhothai” where once it was the early kingdom of the north central of Thailand. Sukhothai period is from 1238 – 1583. Now a day , we could find only the ruins of the building , pagodas as well as part of the Buddha images inside the old town ( Muang Kao) and it has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage historical park.

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Travel from Chiang Mai to Sukhothai would take 5 hrs. and of course ,Sukhothai HIstorical Park as World Heritage Historical Park. is the main attraction for us to visit. It is worth driving for 5 hrs. to see the beautiful architecture of the building and the beautiful Buddha image sculptures which spread out in Sukhothai Historical Park. Biking around the park is a pleasant ride for you. It would take 2 hrs. to complete the famous site such as King Ramkhamheang Monument who had invented the first  Thai alphabet  , Wat Mahathat  , Wat Si Sawai , Wat Sa Si , Wat Sorasak , Wat Chang Lom.

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As well as Wat Si Chum with the biggest sitting Buddha image in the historical park, know by the local as the Stability.  In the old day, before the battle, the soldiers and the warriors  would gather in the hall for making their wishes. By local wisdom of the ancient people. They had made the small tunnel for the king , the monk or even the leader to climb behind the Buddha’s head and encourage them before the battle. It is a beautiful side for you to see and challenge for you to take a picture of him as well.

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Sukhothai is one of the province which you must see and visit in Thailand during your visit. We could guarantee that it is a pleasant place as its name ” The Dawn of Happiness”


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