Pha Chor , the little canyon in Chiang Mai

Pha Chor, the little canyon in Chiang Mai.


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Chiang Mai is one of the place that there are many places , tradition and culture for you  to learn and to see. Pha-Chor is one of the place where you could enjoy with the lovely scenery of the forest and the canyon which hidden in the hilly area. Located  45 kms from Chiang Mai city to the south side of Chiang Mai. Follow the road number 108 , passing Hangdong district  to Sanpatong district. You could see the sign on the road to lead you to the canyon. The canyon was created after Ping River changed its course many years ago. First the shift created a hill and after time passed the hill eroded and changed into cliffs and soil pillars. Today those pillars are 30 meters high and are one of the main attractions in Chiang Mai where you could take a walk and enjoy the taking photos.  Walking way is not too difficult they have a good walk way as well as some steps mix with the trail through the shady trees area as well.

If you prefer to walk and enjoy the scenery of the nature, Pah-Chor might be one of the good place to visit.



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