The situation we’re all have to face! (Covid 19)

Since the last day of December 2019, all of us had known the new disease that very dangerous and harmful to the human life, “The Corona Virus” ( Wuhan Virus or Covid 19).  It has change our lives since then. The virus spread out from the town called Wuhan of China and spread out quickly to all over the world. Life is not going to be the same any more. People around the world have all effect. People get sick and some gone because of the virus. Doctors and nurses in China had devoted themselves to safe their people. Not only in China, but the disease had already spread to many different countries all over the world and now we have now to face on the new kind of situation which we are all have to help each other to get through it.

New life starts to all of us around the world. Masks and social distancing have become the most important thing for us all to follow in term of life saving. Family members and friends have to stay away from each other. Miles and miles however we might be lucky to have the internet and technology to make us all that we are not away from each other. However the Covid 19 Virus is still with us all.  Many countries, Cities and towns had locked down to keep control the spreading of the virus. Places become empty. No people on the streets. Schools for kids are off to make safe for the young generation as  they are our future. People have been suffering from losing their jobs, family members  and  food. In this hard time we could see there is still fate among us. Help has been handed from people all over the world to save the human life. Kindness , love and sharing from the people that had already started to give to each other to fight against the virus as seen in many places. It is not from the rich to the poor..but from all who are kind to share food and  daily supply to someones who are poor and had lost what they used to have. In Chiang Mai, Thailand where we live, we have seen people queue up for food in front of the temples or places where people share them food. The lines are long …many kilometers to get some food for themselves and their family members. These are not happened only in my country, but almost many countries as we have seen from the television news.

However in the very hard and sad situation, we could see hope. Human try helping each other. The environment has getting better. Wild animals and some of them that extinct have been found which is incredible, but it had happened

Since the Corina Virus ( Covid19) had started until now. It is now 6 months already ( This had written on June 5th,20) and might continue as it is still no vaccinations for us all to protect and prevent everyone in the world. What we could do now is to stay with it and learn to stay safe in this hard time. Love, caring , sharing and of course masks …social distancing still needed in this time.

There is still a good thing that show us that we love each other and have the same target to win the disease for us to move on to be a better world. As the Corona Virus ( Covid 19) couldn’t  make is all lost our fate and hope.

Take care and stay safe to you all around the world.

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