Kang Hoh!!

Local Food! Local pizza???

Food is one of the 5 basic factor of life instead of housing, water, medical, clothing.  All life form need food to grow and survive. Long time ago human had invented the way to get food from plants and  meat from animals. Them we have developed the way to keep or store the food  in term of preserving them longer than it used to be. Many different ways to cook. We all know many ways to preserve the food : dried, boiled or whatever people invented the way to preserve the food.

Local people in the northern region of Thailand, we have the word called “ Hoh”, the way we cooked the food to preserve it for the next meal. If you go in the local markets, you could find the food shops that sells “ Kang Hoh”. That is the new fresh cook which had developed from the “ Hoh” in the old days. However this kind of method still uses in families as well.

“Hoh” is the action to put every things together to create the new one. “ Kua Hoh” or “ Kang Hoh” is the mixed of different kind of food that left from the recent meal we had. For example, the food left from the morning, we put them in the pot, cook and added some seasoning for the good taste.

Now a day, it is from the fresh and new ingredient which cook and sell in the markets however this kind of process could be cooked at home as the old style. It might be difference when we explain to you in the story. Many people might not feel comfortable and think! No way! Not this food for me!

However give yourself a chance to try “ Kang Hoh”, it is not to bad. Compare as the pizza, it might be the same. Learning the new things, trying the new taste are not too bad. It could gain you the  new experience when you are in the different place and culture!

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