Temple Rooster!! “ Ploy”

Cock-a-doddle-doo!! Cock-a-doddle-doo!!


Here’s the morning comes!! Wake up!!

It is very common to talk about the roosters as the natural alarm clock long time ago. Even now it is still uses in the rural area by the local farmers. Once we had told you about the temple in Chiang Mai where is the must to see while visiting tin Chiang Mai if you could remember “ Doi Suthep temple” on the west side of Chiang Mai city. Many people had visited and revisit many times as the peaceful atmosphere and the graceful view of the golden pagoda which shining against the sun as well as the cool breeze against your face from the temple balcony.

Walking around the temple ground is a pleasant time for locals as well as the visitors to pray, meditation or even observe for the new visitors to learn the local traditional of Thai way in the temple. Smell of incense and joss stick which could clam your mind to hide away for the busy life style for even a while. However you could fell relax and comfort. While walking in the temple ground around the golden pagoda, you could see the mural painting of the Lord Buddha from the starter to the end. But!! One picture you are going to see is a picture of the rooster!!

This rooster name’s “Ploy”, he was there from 1944 – 1952ADs .  His story is very interesting as Ploy when he was a small chick, he was so smart and brave. He was brave even to fight with the big enemy. When Poly lived in the temple ground of Doi Suthep, he was smart and paid highly respect to the temple ground as it is the place where there is the Lord Buddha relics places in the golden pagoda. He had never made all dirt. Whenever Ploy preferred to poop, he would go down from the main temple ground for his business and return back. He would ever never let any other animals or human to make a dirt on the temple ground. One he chased the noble’s dog away as the dog poop in the temple ground. Whenever people visited to the temple and forget the take the shoes off. Ploy would pick on the feet to remind that now it is the holy ground, shoes off, please.

 Ploy was very strict to guard the temple ground and never slept higher than the Buddha images and the pagoda. He would lie on the temple ground floor to show respect to the Lord Buddha. He was on duty until 1952ADs, he was died. Local people in Chiang Mai wanted to remember and show how cute and smart he was.

Whenever you have a chance travel in Chiang Mai and have a chance to visit the must see temple “Doi Suthep” don’t forget to find when the picture of “Ploy”, the smart rooter!!

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