Nitat Rattanakosin -Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall

Nitat   Rattanakosin  : Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall , Bangkok.

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Most travelers and visitors travel to Thailand and most landed in Bangkok , the 1st destination as the main gate to Thailand. With graceful  architecture , temples  and  life style.

Bangkok has a long history for over 200s years old. And it is sometimes you might have enough time to see all in the short time, the museum would be a great choice for people to get the information for places and things to do and to see . In this blog, we would suggest  the place called “ Nitat Rattanakosin” , the  building which demonstrate the exhibition  about Bangkok  in the old days as well as the important  sites near by which you could visit and gain your understanding of a range world famous attractions  in the main area  of Bangkok  or Rattankosin.

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The Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall is located on Ratchadamnoen Avenue closes by  the Democracy  Monument.  The building is easy to find on the left hand side if you are facing to the Democracy Monument. Inside the  exhibition hall, there are 2  sections for  the visitors to choose to visit and see. Each section takes  2 hrs. to see and  visit . ( Total for both sections would take  4 hours to cover a whole area if you have enough time , it is worth to visit.)  The whole  exhibition consist of 11 rooms  which has the information for you to read as well as some exhibition with light and sound as well. Above the top, you could also enjoy the lovely view of  the  interesting  areas such as Loha Prasart , Rachanadda  Temple , Golden Mountain Temple  and the Giant Swing for example.

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This is one of the place which you could combine in the trip while visiting in Bangkok.

The exhibition hall opens from Tuesday – Sunday from 10.00am -7.00 pm ( 19.00 Thai time)


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