Safety rule to travel

When you saw this topic, it might be strange to tell you like this. Of course, going to the different countries, there are always good things and bad things to see. It is a good to know basic and culture of each country you are going to visit. Since the pandemic of the Corona Virus (Covid-19) had a very huge effect to all parts of the business and the lives for all over the world. It is unbelievable that the super tiny virus could shake a whole world in trouble in different ways. Losing the love ones, Businesses, jobs without warning are difficult to accept, but we did. After 2 years, short time, but too long in the real situation. Suffer and hunger had been found in the big cities. Many homeless people are on the streets, it was a sad scene to see. When things are getting better in many ways, we all could get back and restart again. Life must not be the same like many years ago, but we still have to move on. When business is getting better, people started to get back on the tracks. Working and earn their living gain. After staying under the depress from the pandemic, we started to travel once again. All travel company and who may involve with in the tourism industrial have move on. Some of the companies could survive from a very hard time, but some has to start a new step. Many of them choose to have their own way to run their businesses, but there are some that tried to copy other people by using the same name or closes to the same name and many have damaged the others could be found. Of course, English is the international language that mostly uses around the world, but visitors still have to be careful. Sometimes, they look really nice, but they could trick you at the end. There are many tour companies which have licenses from the Tourism Authority of Thailand  and have worked very hard to gain more trust and reputation for many years. However there are some illegal guides who walk along the streets and telling the tourists that they are some officers, school workers or else and finally end up with taking you to somewhere like shopping area, jewelry shops as well as the tailor shops just to get some commissions while the real tour companies had work hard to do the right things with license that is unfair. Many times that when bad things happened, the tourists go straight and complain the legal tour companies about what they had found not to the illegal guides who now happy and went away with money. Of course, the local people are nice and could speak English so well, but they have no responsibility at all to what had happened. Then if you prefer to get the information or to get some tours to fulfill your holidays, you could go to the tour companies….we means the real own, not some ones you have met along the walk way. These to make sure that you get the right things or the program you prefer to do for your holidays and not going to feel sorry and have a bad experience during your travel.

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