The Sugarcane cube!!

The Sugarcane cube!!

Sweet is one the flavor that most people love. We have many substances to make our food and dessert sweet taste such as honey, sugar flex as well as the imitated sugar like Aspatame which is sometime use as a sugar substitute in foods and beverages for the diabetic people or the people who need to control the sugar level in their blood. However we still have the other choices which many people also love to use in the daily life.

Sugar from the nature comes in many different kinds of product. Most of them are from tapioca and sugarcane. Today we are going to take about the brown sugarcane cube. Of course, as its name, the sugarcane cubes, they ‘re made from  the sugarcanes. You could find the grinded brown sugar which is more nutrient compare to the white one. Producing process is the same as the common sugar which they collect the sugarcanes from the farmers and sending them to the factory to squeeze the syrup and them starts the process. However the cube one would be the local method which the locals prefer to preserve them for long term.

Sugarcane cube mainly use in Thailand for cooking the dessert as it doesn’t give only the sweet tasted but also the good smell. Next time when you visit to the local markets you could also looking for the sugarcane cubes for you to use in the kitchen as well as for your recipe.



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