Banana…Banana…and Banana!

Banana..Banana…and Banana!

Banana!  It is something very simple in our lives! Nobody could say that they don’t know bananas.

It is a simple and tropical fruit that well  known all around the world.

In Thailand, there are many species of them. They found bananas from long time ago. Dated back from the old days from Sukhothai period ( Sukhothai, once of the old capital in Siam in 13th and 14th Century) which came in to Thailand from the migrations of the locals when they settled Sukhothai.

In Ayutthaya  period, De La Loub’ere the French ambassador had traveled to Thailand during the reign of King Narai the great in 1657AD. He had recorded about the things he had seen in Thailand that he had seen “ Elephant trunk banana” He tried to explain that the Bananas had grown long as the elephant trunk! That kind of Banana, we called them “ A hundreds banana / Kluay Roi Wee” in present. Most of them in Thailand as the ornamental plants and uneatable. In the old days, there was the record telling that there were both for eating and for trading since the old days.


Soon in 1884AD, in the reign of King Julalongkorn Rama 5th of Thailand, there’re record from the Thai professor at that time had invented the poem for the Thais to remember. As in King Rama 5th of Thailand had been to many different countries in Europe. He had also brought some new species back to Thailand as well.

In 1980AD, there’s a new update record about bananas in Thailand. They had separate to 8 groups with more than 71 species for both eatable and uneatable.

Eatable is the bananas that we could eat like fruits when it ripe / eat the banana trunks as food for cooking such as curries or soup.




Uneatable is the bananas as the ornamental plants use for the landscape decoration or using their leaves for making the craft projects.


As bananas are easy growing plants and easy to breed. That’s why no wonder you could see bananas everywhere when you travel in Thailand.

Then this is might be one reason instead of visiting Thailand for the beautiful culture , natures and architecture. Food and fruit that you could find them more varieties in Thailand would be some interesting point for many visitors as well.


Easy to find them by walking to the local markets around Thailand where you could everywhere with bananas in both fruit and desert for you to taste and try.

Welcome and see you soon in Thailand.

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