Tam Boon Tak Battra Morning Alm Offering

Tam Boon Tak Battra  Morning Alm Offering.


This common word is all in the Thai way of showing kindness and generosity to each other. ” Tam Boon” means to make merit. “Tak” is the action to pick something up with the spoon or the ladle. The last word is ” Battra” , the container which the monk’s holding in his hands.

The complete words of “Tam Boon Tak Battra” means to offer somethings ( It could be food mostly and the other kind of thing which are useful in the daily life.) for the monks to show kindness and generosity as in the Buddhism and Thai way. Local usually wake up very early in the morning to cook the food and waiting in front of their houses. The monks from the temples near by their houses are going to leave the temple around 6am and walking around with their alm bolw in their hands to collect the food before they return back for the temple and continue their lesson and practice.

Now a day, life is to busy and people still keep this activit y to support the Buddhism. You could also find this activity happen everywhere in Thailand. In Chiang Mai, some of the old generations still cook by themselves the offering. However the young generations might have to apply the activity a bit for their life style. Buying the food from the market and follow the Thai way.One of the place recommended to see and join in this activity is at Doi Suthep Foothill by Khu Ba srivichai Monument where you could buy the food and do the alm offering in Chiang Mai. Join us, the Chiang Mai and Thai local people for ” Tam Boom Tak Battra”



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