“The Hum-Yon”, the wooden guardian for the Lanna people.

“The Hum-Yon”, the wooden guardian for the Lanna people.

In different places, countries and culture, there are many things for us to see and learn. Travel to other countries not only for experience , entertain yourselves  or see the new world. You could learn in the same time from people in the countries with kind and understanding as the cultures among the differences are variety.  With your open hearts and understanding,  you would understand more that it is important and not look down at other cultures.

Thailand is one of the country in the eastern which has a long history. People, tradition and cultures had practiced generations to generations. It is hard to find some of the tradition and cultures as the young generations have excepted the new things which could go along and apply with the new world.

Today we are going to tell you about one of the kind of wooden carving which is not elephant  statues  or  wooden furniture. Today we would like to tell you about the “ Hum Yon”.  A piece of wood carving which the local people used to decorate on the door frame as protection and getting rid of the bad spirit away. The Hum Yon is special make. In the old days, it was created by the same length of the house owner footprints measurement. The local believe that  each person has the personal god  ( goddess) as well as the good spirit  who protect us all.



This is the reason why it has to be the personal footprints.  The design could be variety depending on the person. Sometimes the design could be plants ,flowers, angles / gods or even animals. However now a day, the measurement could be whatever the person prefer to, but the meaning of protecting still the same. Because when the time goes by the houses and the properties could be sold to the new owners. Now a day, the Hum Yon could be the graceful decoration for the houses in Thai style of the model houses who prefer to mix the old culture and the new culture in the same building.  Culture and tradition could be seen  and shown in pieces or art of decoration in some of the old style houses in Thailand.




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