Baan Chang Nak, the house full of elephant.

Chang Chang Chang Chang Chang!!! Is a very common song for the young ones in Thailand to sing and learn about the elephant how it looks like. Then no wonder you could hear the kids in Thailand sing this song along while they think of the elephant.

We also couldn’t deny that elephants are also symbol of Thailand. Many people have put the elephant activity such as elephant care and sanctuary to their program while visiting in Thailand. However you have no change to see the real elephant what the option is.

In Chiang Mai, there is a place where you could see the elephant for real. One of the places we would recommend is “Baan Chang Nak” (The house full of elephants). Located in Sankampang area as the area is famous among the tourists. It established in 1985 by the local craft man named “Sa-Lar Phet” (Mr. Phet Viriya). Sa-lar is the local word called the carpenters or the of the wood sculptors. This area (Sankampang)  is known as the handicraft area so there are many craftmen like silversmith, umbrella making, silk weaving and wood sculptors. Baan Chang Nak is one of the wood sculptor’s house that work on wood carving. As the artist is fond of the elephants, in his house is full of elephant wood carving figures in different shapes and sizes. This is the place where they have apply using other kinds of woods like the wood from the local cassia trees to replace the teak wood and they found out that the cassia wood is harder to carve than teak. However the advantage of the cassia wood is harder, stronger and the color is more natural compare with teak. You could enjoy walking around to take photos in the wooden atmosphere. Here you could also enjoy the fresh coffee as well as some a la carte meal in the lovely atmosphere. So next time visit to Chiang Mai, not only the real elephants that you could meet and interact with, you could also visit Baan Chang Nak as well.

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