Snorkeling in Koh Kood.

Snorkeling in Koh Kood, Trad.

              Seas are one of the most attraction places in the world where people wish to visit and relax. It is one of the destination where people assume as the paradise. The place where you could lay on the beaches  in the warm sunshine, reading the books and do other sea activities.

Once we had written about Trad province which located in the East coast of Thailand. To get to Trad, there are many different way which depend on where people want to start the trip. Let’s make it more easy becuase most people start from Bangkok you could :

             Fly from BKK to Trad which would cost around  2,xxx THB depending on how fast you book the ticket.  It would take around an hour for the flight. Then you could catch the local bus to the pier and then you could continue the ferry to Kod Kood which would take from  1hr and a half depends on the ferry boat or the speed boat from Lam Sok. The price is from 350 THB – 600THB

           There are 2 companies :  Koh Kood Princess and Koh Hood Express

           Take a bus from BKK to Trad would take around 5 hours and a half depending on the traffic on the way. The cost starts  from  2xx THB. You could check at the bus terminal and also pick the time schedule.

           By car. You could also drive to Trad as well. However  it is not possible to take the bus to Koh Kood. You could park the car at the pier where you buy the ticket. With this way, it is safe for your vehicle to be well looked after in the parking with the shade.

After the arrival by ferry or by the speed boat in Koh Kood, most of the service you get from the main land before you get in the ferry. They have already included the transfer from the pier after you arrive in Koh Kood  to the hotel you are going to stay in. Just let them know which hotel you are going to stay so that they could drop you off at the hotel.

During your stay, there are nice beaches for you to enjoy resting and sun bathing with clear sea water and peaceful. You could also rent the 4 x 4 truck with driver to take you around to see the nature around the island like Klong Choa waterfall, the Giant big tree of Koh Kood. The most famous thing to do is diving for someone who has experience and snorkeling for the beginners. There are tour companies where you could chose to join in the group. It would cost around 900 THB – 1,000THB. However if you prefer to take the private trip by your own, the cost would starts from 12,000 THB – 14,500THB just for your own. However the snorkeling site would be the same spot where the group go as well.

The sea is clear in Koh Kood and there is still not many people visit. It is the place where you still could find the peacefulness and relax. Not too many people and crowded as in other island like Phuket , PP island or others.  Koh Kood would be one of the new choice for you as the next visit while travelling to Thailand.

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