Street Food, all you can eat!!!

Street Food!  All you can try!

The food lovers who love to enjoy with the local food in Chiang Mai. More variety of food for  your to test and enjoy part of the city walk in the same time. Fill your belly and your energy with tasty food in Chiang Mai. Walk in around in Chiang Mai area, there are many different local markets everywhere you pass by.

Many people when travelling, they target on the fancy restaurants where there have nice tables and nice decoration. However there is not always like that. Sometimes the local food is a good choice and sometimes even more delicious.  So we could also say that the  best and tasty food might not be in only the fancy restaurant. You could test them in the local markets, long side of the roads are one of the place you could find tasty food you could try.

Chiang Mai has some program which could offer you the mini trip for food tasting which you could enjoy with different and varieties of food such as Sticky rice with Mango, Local sausages , Thai dessert , Noodles soup, Steam rice with Chicken and many more which is difficult to explain unless you would try by yourself.




Give yourslef a change to try the local food. It would be a great opportunity and interesting thing that you could put them on your list, YOU DID IT!!



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