The Hidden Temple , Pha Lat temple

The Hidden Temple , Pha Lat temple.

Chiang Mai is famous for its culture, tradition, nature and many activities to do. However many people do love to walk around inside the old walls and enjoy with the buildings and temples.  Chiang Mai could be called as the land of the temples because there are many temples for the temple lovers to enjoy and taking photos. Not only in the old town temples which is famous for the visitors, there is also one temple up the hill on the west side of Chiang Mai where people love to visit. Of course, Doi Suthep Temple which we had written about in Feb,2016 ( as you could see on our blog). This time we would like to tell you about one of the temple located on the way to visit  Doi Suthep. The one which offer you more than the nice view of the temple, but you could also enjoy with the nature in the same time.



Now we are talking about the hidden temple called “Pha Lat Temple” ( Sakitakhami Temple), located a few kilometers of Doi Suthep road, in the shaddy forest area.  No shops and not crowded, in the forest, peaceful area. From the Chiang Mai city, you could heading west side towards to Doi Suthep Temple. Passing Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai zoo and continue the road a bit. You would find Pha Lat, the hidden temple on your left. Walking to the temple area, it is a pleasant atmosphere with the trees and shade. Temple is quiet and peaceful. You could walk around and worship to the Lord Buddha images in temple.  Walk a little more you could see the small waterfall with the nice view of Chiang Mai which offers you the view through the forest and the city as its background. From that point, there is the trail used by the monks when walking for the Alm blow offering in the morning from the village below.

The walking trail is not difficult to walk along. It would take 40 minutes from the temple to the exit which is behind Chiang Mai University. Along the trial, you could find the pleasant atmosphere of the forest and peacefulness which you could get. No wonder why people called this temple, the hidden temple.  Sometimes you could also see people walking up to the temple as well.




The temple ground has a beautiful statues and things which you could enjoy for taking photos. Stopping for a while and sit back relax or even make meditation is a good idea for you to try and clean your mind from the city chaos and all disorderliness. You would find that you wouldn’t leave the place.



Pha Lat Temple is opened for the public with no entrance fee however we have to respect to the temple by dressing properly and be polite. No hugging, kissing and inappropriate manners.

This temple is one of the choice for you to visit if you prefer to visit to non-touristic temple and seeking for the peaceful place even for resting your mind for a bit. We did suggest this temple for your visit in Chiang Mai.

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