3 Days Bangkok to Chiang Mai Tour Program.


Day 1 Bangkok + Pang Pa In Summer Palace + Mahathat Temple + Boat around Ayutthaya island + Hup Pa Tat, the Unseen Cave + Nakornsawan.

Pick up from your hotel in Bangkok and heading to Ayutthaya, where once was the glory captital. Stop by  Pang Pa In, the Summer Palace which was first built in 1632. It formerly used by the Thai Kings in the old days. All building as seen in the present were constructed between 1872 and 1899 by King Rama 5th of Thaialand. In the area there are many bulding with the noce architect for you to take the photos. After the Summer Palce Pang Pa In, visit Mahathat Temple built in 1374 by King Boramma Rachthirat in the purpuse to enshrine the Lord Buddha Relics. The high light is the Buddha’s head which covered with the tree roots, one of the famous picture on the Thai postcard. After Mahathat Temple  heading for lunch in the local restaurant. After lunch, boarding  on the boat for you to go around Ayutthaya island ( Due to Ayutthaya as the small island with the river surrounded) for you to enjoy the view, the local life of the local people due to the river is not too busy as in Bangkok ) Then heading to Hup Pa Tat, a large valley sretching over an area of about 48,000 square meters. Part of the lime stone mountain range surrounding the walley is Khao Huai Suk which is connected to Khao Plara Mountain, about 1 kilometers away. The way up to the valley’s Tham Huo Pa Tat cave is covered by a margosa forest. The cave entrance is dark, but after a 100 meters walk, you will emerge from the darkness to see the ay down into the valley. The surrounding limestone mountain is layered with high cliffs that prevent sunlight from reaching the ground during any time other then midday. The resulting humidity has contributes to a wealth od flora, featuring gigantic shrubs of the genus Excoecaria that are similar to prehistoric trees. After enjoy with Hup Pa Tat, heading to Nakornsawan province and check in at the hotel then spend your free leisure time and relax.

Day 2  Nakornsawan + Kiriwong Temple+ Pra Buddha Chinnaraj , Phitsanuloke + Folk Museum + Buddha Foundry + Biking trip in Sukhothai Historical Park + Sri Chum Temple + Sukhothai.

Check out from the hotel in Nakornsawan and heading to Sukhothai. On the way stop by Kriwong temple, the most remarkable in Nakornsawan. Located on the top hill wherewe could see the lovely view of 10 kilometeres around Nakornsawan town. With the golden Chedi and its name , local people compare as the pavilion on heaven. Then visit Pra Buddha Chinnaraj ( The King of Victory), the most beautiful Buddha Image in Thailand. Then visit to the Folk Museum (Sgt.Maj.Thawee Folk Museum, Phitsanulok). See the collection of the daily used tools, toys and many things in the old days which now we hardly seen. After the museum, seeing the Buddha image foundry where produce the Buddha images from Brass and Bronze. See the method of making the Buddha images in different sizes step by step till it becomes the most beautiful Buddha images as seen. Lunch in the local restaurant. Then heading to Sukhothai ( The Dawn of Happiness) where you could enjoy with the lovely site of Sukhothai historical park. After the arrival, get the bike for you to bike around due to the historical park is a big area. Visit in the historical park at Wat Prahathat, Wat Prapai Luang, Wat Trapang Ngoen and more. However the highlight of the biking trip still ahead. Bike out site the historical park and meet the biggest sitting Buddha name “Pra Atjana ”. Known by the locals as the talking Buddha which you would know how he could speak after you have seen him yourself. This is also the photo challenge for you to take a picture of him. Due to he is a big Buddha image which you could see only him in the building as we had informed that he is really big and only him that fit in the whole building.

Day 3 Sri Satchanalai Historical site +The Biggest reclining Buddha image in Thai & Burmeses design at Suthon Mongkolkiri Temple + Lampang Horse Carriage + Baan Ta local Market + Chiang Mai.

Check out from Sukhothai to Chiang Mai. Before leaving the Dawn of Happiness, Sukhothai, stop by Srisatchanalai, the old of the historical site for the kilnt and the old building site. See the beautiful old architect and buildings as well as the old chedis spread in the old historical site. Ater that heading to Lampang Province, on the way you are going to visit the biggest reclining Buddha in Thai and Burmese designcall ” Phra Suthon Momngkol Kiri “. The temple was built in 1974Ad.With the 30 spires of the beautiful pagoda and elaborate in Thai art design. Then after the arrival in Lampang province, you could enjoy the horse carriage in Lampang city area where once the Emerald Buddha stopped by and placed here for 4 years before placing in Chiang Mai ( 73 years). Then to Laos and now in Thailand from 1784 Ad. Now the Emerald Buddha is in the Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew in Bangkok. Then visit the local market called ” Baan Ta Market or Kard Ban Ta ” where the locals have some jungle veggies and things for sale. You would be amaze by the local food which you have never seen as well as the price which you couldn’t find in the bid supermarkets. You could also try some of them if you prefer as well. Then heading to Chiang Mai to your hotel with safe and sound .


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