Kard Baan Ta Local Market. Market of the locals

Kard Baan Tha / Tha Baan Kard Local Market.


Locals people have related to markets since we’re little. In the old day, locals have to go deep in the jungle to find stuff or ingredients for them to cook and survive. Food is one of the most important thing for living. Idea and development had change our lives from hunting by ourselves to buy from the market. There is a story of demand and supply had started.

Markets comes to support the locals to get the ingredients and things to be more convenient. However many choose to get things food from the big supermarket. We do too! But not in the big super market.  It’s here with locals and support the locals.

Kard Baan Tha or Baan Tha Market located on the super highway in Lamphun province. From Chiang Mai, it takes around 40 minutes to an hour driving to get there.

The market had started for a long time and it is famous and known by the locals if we prefer to get the fresh and locals ingredients for Northern Thai food cooking. Also the price is not too expensive and  fresh. Some of the local food we couldn’t find any more in the city area, you could find and try them here. It might be something  interesting for you as the foreigners to stop by for taking pictures and try if you would like to.

Locals Thai people are travelling pass by the market and none of them just drive pass. They stop by there because we know that there would be some delicious local food and ingredients there.

In the market, there is the small tables under the zinc roof to protect the venders from the sun and rain. There are things you couldn’t find the big super markets  :-

Dry fresh water fish.

Pham /Wolffia globosa in English.

Fresh vegetables and fruits.







And more…

It’s quite difficult to explain in words because we always says that “ Experience is the mother of the wisdom.”  Try ..See.. Withness by yourself would help you to find more interesting in the new world.

World of locals life style!


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