The Best 7 Days Trip Bangkok to Chiang Mai.

7 Days 6 Nights Bangkok to Chiang Mai Package Tour Around trip. The Best Program.

The 7 Days 6 Nights trip is the perfect combination for you to enjoy the famous site from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. During the 7 days from Bangkok, there are many different places and sites for you to see and enjoy. The trip has combine the varieties of ancient temples , lovely Thai culture and the tradition on route , the local life style in Thai’s way such as the Train market and Damnoensaduak Floating market as well as the unseen nature of Hup Pa Tat Cave. Along with the historical site like the Death Rail road from the 2nd World Wover the River Kwae and the cemetery. This is a perfect trip which you could have from Bangkok to Chiang Mai due to the trip gives you different vision on the trip itself. You shouldn’t miss this perfect combination program 7 days 6 nights if you plan to visit in Thailand.

Day 1 The Grand Palace + Emerald Buddha + Wat Pho + Boat along the canal + The golden Mountain.
Pick up from your hotel in Bangkok and visit the Grand Palace, the most important place in Thailand, visit Wat PhrasrirattanaSasadaram ( Wat Phra Kaew), worship the Emerald Buddha,the most precious Buddha image of Thailand as well as the grand palace of the Jakkri Dynasty. See the beautiful Thai Royal Architecture on the buildings and the rooftop of the buildings inside the Grand Palace. After that continue the trip to Wat Pho, witness the most beautiful and the biggest reclining Buddha in Thailand. Try your challenge taking photos of the whole Buddha image in your picture. Walking around and see the Chinese statues as Royal Guards of the temple in different actions. After that board on the long tail boat for the canal trip to see the local life style near by the Chao Praya River. Lunch in the local restaurant and then continue to visit the Golden Mountain for your to see the birds’ eyes view of Bangkok as well as the beautiful Golden pagoda on the peak of the mountain itself.

Day 2 Train Market ( Rom Hoob Market ) + Damnoensaduak Floating Market + 2nd World War Cemetery in Kanchanburi. 
Check out from your hotel in Bangkok and continue to the small train station for the locals to hop in and shopping at the train market where located close the railroad when the train pass by. Then return back to the market and sell their product as nothing happened. After you have enjoyed taking pictures from the train market, continue the road to Rachburi where the famous Damnoensaduak Floating Market is located. Board on the long tail boat to go along the small canals which divided the area as the village. Along the way passing the houses and fruit orchards. In the market, you could find the venders and sellers sell their product in the boats which float along the canal. It is the magnificent and pleasant view to see. Lunch in the local restaurant before heading to Kanchanaburi Province for you to visit the 2nd World War Cemetery of the prisons at that time and then check in the hotel in Kanchanaburi.

Day 3 The Bridge of River Kwai + Train on the death railway + Krasae Cave + Erawon Waterfall + Kanchanaburi. 
Pick up from the hotel in Kanchanburi for you to catch the train go along the death railroad which was built by 61,700 prisoners during the 2nd World War to get through Myanmar and It took 1 month to finish it. However there are many of the prisoners had died from this due to the difficulties , the starvation as well as the cruelty from the war. Get on the train and go along the rail road which hang with the cliff to Pra Sae Cave where you could stop by and taking pictures of the cave and the Buddha Images inside and imagine who the prisoners spent their time in the cave with difficulties. After the visit of Kra Sae Cave continue by car to Erawan Waterfall for you to enjoy the clear waterfall with the nature before heading back to the hotel .

Day 4 Ayutthaya + Chai Mongkol Temple + Wat Mahathat + Phanan Choeng Temple + Boat around Ayutthaya old town+ Phra Srisanphet temple
Check out and pick up from the hotel in Kanchanaburi . Heading to Ayutthaya province. Visit Chai Mongkol Temple ( The temple of victory) with the biggest chedi built by King Naresuan the great of Thailand ( who set us free from the Burmese invasion in the old days). You could also climb to the top of the chedi for the nice view. Then heading to Wat Mahathat ( Mahathat Temple), one of the most important temple where there’s the relics of the Lord Buddha house in the center of the old capital. You can also see parts of the ruins of the temple as well as the most famous Lord Buddha face which cover with the roots of the big Bodhi Tree that you can see in the travel magazines about Thailand and postcards. After that visit Phanan Choeng Temple, one of the most important temple in Ayutthaya, located on the east bank of Chao Phraya River. It was built in 1324. In the main building , you can see the glided 19 meter high seated Buddha image called “ Luang Por Tho ” which means “ The big Buddha ” , built in 1334 CE as the highly respect Buddha for the locals not only in Ayutthaya as well as around Thailand. Lunch in the local restaurant . After that board on the boat and getting around Ayutthaya island for you to enjoy the lovely site and taking photos. After the trip returning back to the hotel for you to have a rest and relax. Free evening leisure.

Day 5 Ayutthaya + Wat Kai Bangpahan + Hup Pa tat , the unseen cave + Bhuddha Chinnaraj Temple, Phisanuloke + Sukhothai. 
Check out and pick uoi from Ayutthaya , then heading to Sukhothai province. On the way stop by Wat Kai Bangpahan , it’s a combination of a hell temple and a monkey temple. The ‘hell’ part is pretty gruesome and feels like you’ve landed on the set of a horror movie. You could also find some monkeys wandering around the main part of the temple, most are located across the road. Then heading to Hup Pa Tat, a large valley sretching over an area of about 48,000 square meters. Part of the lime stone mountain range surrounding the walley is Khao Huai Suk which is connected to Khao Plara Mountain, about 1 kilometers away. The way up to the valley’s Tham Huo Pa Tat cave is covered by a margosa forest. The cave entrance is dark, but after a 100 meters walk, you will emerge from the darkness to see the ay down into the valley. The surrounding limestone mountain is layered with high cliffs that prevent sunlight from reaching the ground during any time other then midday. The resulting humidity has contributes to a wealth od flora, featuring gigantic shrubs of the genus Excoecaria that are similar to prehistoric trees. Lunch in the local restaurant and then visit The most beautiful Buddha image in Thailand, Phra Buddha Chinnaraj the golden sitting Buddha Image as the famous and highly respect for all the Thai people. After that heading to Sukhothai for you to have a rest and relax.

Day 6 Biking trip in Sukhothai Historical Park + Sri Chum Temple + Chiang Mai. 
Pick up and check out from the hotel for your visit ti Sukhothai Historical Park , one of the World heritage by UNESCO. The Dawn of Happiness where once was the capital in 13th and 14th century .Start from the visit to King Ramkamheang Museum for you to get  some information of Historical park before taking a pleasant bike ride in the historical park area for you to stop by with the beautiful buildings in old Thai architect and many chedis which spead out in the historical park to remind us how beautiful city in the old days. See Wat Pramahathat as the biggest temple in the historical park area , Wat Pra Pai Luang was the ritual center of Sukhothai at the that time , Wat Chang lorm with 32 elephant stutues surrounded as the pogoda supporters as well as Wat Sri Chum with the talking Buddha as the highlight which challenge you if you could get him all in the picture. Lunch in the local restaurant and then heading to Chiang Mai province. Passing Lampang province to Chiang Mai and check in the hotel.

Day 7 Doi Suthep Temple + Chiang Mai City temples + Chiang Mai Handicraft Village.
Pick up from the hotel to the Doi Suthep – Pui National Park to the mountain with curvy road to see Doi Suthep Temple, the most important temple in Chiang Mai. Exercising time by walking up 306 steps to the temples or taking the funicular to the temple with the attitude at 1,100 ms above the sea level. See the Northern Thai dented corner golden pagoda which contain the relic of the Lord Buddha. Surrounding with the mural painting hall which telling about the Lord Buddha story. Here you can also get a chance to get a holy blessing and wrist tiding ceremony from the Buddhist monk. From the balcony, enjoy with the panorama view of Chiang Mai City. Birds fly up in the sky and cool breath against your face.
After the temple, continue to a small village called “San Khampang ” where local people earn their income from farming and making many local products to support their family needs. There are many different products in this area. They are famous for Silk Weaving, Silver Making, Lacquerware product, Wood Carving, Sa and Umbrella Making, Cotton Weaving, Jade and Jewelry products and more. Witness how they produce their things and enjoy shopping the good quality products as a souvenir home or for your special occasion before the returning back to Chiang Mai.

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