World Heritage site “Sukhothai”

The World Heritage site “Sukhothai

Trip in Thailand couldn’t be completed if you have no chance to visit to the famous old city in Thailand called “The Dawn of Happiness”. Located north of Bangkok. There are many beautiful sites in the historical area itself. Since the trip could be start from Bangkok and continue driving a whole way to finish the trip in Chiang Mai, one of the highlight of the trip where you could also connect the flight to the southern part of Thailand and enjoy swimming in the sea, lying on the beach under the sunshine  and of course, sunbathing. You could also connect the flight to other countries as well.

Let talk about Sukhothai. It is charming and beautiful in its architect and the old buildings which spread around the historical sites. Going around in the historical park would be a fun time if you take a bike ride in its area. The old temples in this area are made from laterite stone which easy to find at that time. It is a magnificent sight or you to see the structures and the designs. Also the historical park is as the big park with rain trees.  If you prefer not to ride the bike, you could also go around with the electric bike which you could rent from the bike shop in front of the historical park. There are many wats such as Mahathat Temple, SaSri temple, Tra Pang Ngeon, Tra Pang Thong and more. The special one is a bit outside the main historical wall however it is not too far to see. It called” Sri Chum Temple” where the big Buddha image located by himself as he is very big to fit in the hall. This is a big challenge for you to take a picture and try to get him in your photo. Suggested to use wider lens in this case. Well there are more things to do and see in the historical park also it is very fun if you travel as a family with kid because biking is a good exercise.

Add this place to your plan when you are going to visit Thailand and then we could show you how beautiful and memorable trip.

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