Fresh vegetable Snack, “ Miang Khum”

Fresh vegetable Snack, “ Miang Khum”

Dessert or snack, sometimes it is difficult to say. In Thailand local markets, you could find the Thai dessert in every markets. Most of them come in different shape, form and colors. Of course they are always sweets. No wonder you could gain weight quickly if you are the food lover.
Last article about Thai popular dessert, we had written about “Mangoes and sticky rice” which is well known among the visitors in Thailand.
This time we are going to write about, Miang Khum ( You could also say –Miang Come). It is a local snack in Northern Thailand and Laos. The Miang Khum was introduced to the Siamese King by Princess Dara Rasami of Chiang Mai Lanna as a snack for picnic or party.
Miang Kham consisted of Bai Chaplu (Wildbetal Leaves or Piper sarmentosum leaves) , Roasted coconut ( chopped in the small pieces) , Chopped Bird Chilli paper , Chopped shallot ,Chopped ginger , Chopped Lime ( Small pieces) , Unsalted peanuts or cashew nuts and small dried shrimps.


These ingredient would eat together with sweet syrup ( Palm Syrup or Sugarcane syrup) cooked with Lamaongrass , Fish sauce .)

The taste is sweet , sour and a bit spicy from the ginger if you prefer more spicy, you could added the chopped chilli in it for more taste.

This kind of snack is rich of nutrients which good for digestion and enhance appetite.
Tips: Instead of the Wildbetal leaves , you could also use the lotus petals as well.
Ummm…better to try yourself.

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