Jing Jai Market , new place to visit on weekend.

Jing Jai Market , new place to visit on weekend.

Chiang Mai has many places and things to do. Many times we usually focusing on the places and other activities which you could visit or fill in you visit plan in Chiang Mai. However this time, we are going to tell you about the market. As you used to write about the biggest day market in Chiang Mai called “ Warorot Market” which known by the locals people in Chiang Mai.

This time, we would suggest you “ Jing Jai Market” which you could visit on weekend  only from 6.00am – 1.00pm. Jing Jai Market located a bit outside the old town which you could walk or take a local taxi to get there.  With the lovely area in the shade of the big trees. Here you could find the locals quality products as well as the organic products which sell by the locals. This market sometimes called The Famers’ Market which combine  the fresh market and the organic foods without the chemical.  Jing Jai Market not only offer the organic food, but also more varieties local handmade products as well. You could also buy the local food , sit and relax in the small canteen or under the trees. Listen to the live music from the local musicians who also sing beautiful songs.





As this market concern about the environment and health. Shopping here, we would suggest you to have your own shopping bags. No plastic bags, please.

The market opens only on weekend if your visit in Chiang Mai has some days off  during weekend. Morning wake up and walk to the market here would be interesting for you. Not only pleasant with the products selling in the market, but the atmosphere you could enjoy.

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