White Water Rafting, Chinag Mai Thailand.

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Chiang Mai White Water Rafting.

White Water Rafting  is one of the activity for the people who love the adventurous activity which active and lively. Chiang Mai is one of the place in Thailand where the young and active people could enjoy the white water rafting. Heading north of Chiang Mai to Mae Tang Area where Mae Tang River located with the White water rafting camps.
There, the staffs offer all equipment, rubber boat , life jacket  as well as the instructor for someone who would like to try for the first time as well as for the safety.
The river has enough water for people to go on the activity. However in dry season, the water might a bit shallow but still could enjoy the river current. The best time to enjoy the current of the Tang River is in the end of June-early of September which is in Rainy Season in Thailand. It is one of the activity for you to try if you are an active people.





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