Pha Dork Siew Waterfall , Doi Inthanont , Chiang Mai

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Pha Dork Siew Waterfall, Doi Inthanont , Chiang Mai

Pha Dork Siew Waterfall  is one of the beautiful waterfall in Doi Inthanont National Park , Chiang Mai. Located half way up to the highest peak of Thailand. The waterfall itself is hidden  in the forest and couldn’t access by car. The only way to see this waterfall is by foot. The trip could start from Mae Klang Luang Village, the small village of the Red Karen ( Pakayor tribe)  at the 30th -31st kilometers to the top. From the village , you could visit and even spend the night in the local hill tribe home stay as well. The walking trail takes 2-3 hours up to the health condition however you could take more time if you prefer.  The walking trail to the waterfall  is very lovely green trees in the shady. Some parts of the waterfall you could also swim in the fresh cool water. Different parts of the walking trail ot Pha Dork Siew waterfall could offer you different views such as the view of the waterfall , streams , creeks  , rice fields which depending on the season. You could see the green fields or the golden fields  depends on the plantation time and harvesting time of the year. There are also Arabica coffee plantation fields as well for you to see how the Karen Tribe grow the coffee. After the return to the village , it is a chance for you to test the fresh coffee from the villagers in the local style coffee.  A cup of coffee is a great  idea for you after a walk.
Local Karen tribes are very friendly and very kind as well. This is one of the places for you to visit when you are visiting to Doi Inthanont National Park depending on the time. If the time allow, spending the night in the Karen Village plus Pha Dork Siew Waterfall walk could be something to fulfill  your vocation with lovely nature and people of the Karen tribes  is  worth visit.     > for 1 day trip > for 2 days trip > for 3 days trip


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