Khoa Khor, Phetchaboon, Thailand

Khoa Khor , Phetchaboon.

Phetchabun is one of the interesting  place to visit. It is located  in the central part of Thailand.  It is 9th biggest  province in Thailand with the area of  12,668 Sq.m.   Phetchabun  is surrounded with mountains which cause the weather  in winter is cold and hot in summer.

In Phetchabun, there are many  attractions . However we are going to focus in the area called “ Khao Khor”. Travel from Chiang Mai to Khao Khor takes  6 hrs.   5 hrs. and a half from Bangkok.


The most famous places of Khao  Khor area is  “ Phra That Pha Sorn Keaw”. From the temple history, there is the legend telling that the villagers had seen the light flew above high up in the sky and disappeared in the top of the mountain there. The villagers believe that the lights were the miracle of the Lord Buddha relics which travel to the earth. Soon then the local people had built the temple up the top of the hill for the people to worship and also as the meditation and Drhama learning .

“ Wat Phra That Pha Sorn Keaw, Khao  Khor” was first built in 2004 as the meditation area for monks and the pilgrimage. Soon in early of July 2010, it had the allowance to become the temple and open for the public to visit and  worship .



Other of the land mark of Khao Khor  is the Wind Mill.  They are 24 wind mills which located 1,050 meters above the see level in the area of 350 Rai ( 140 Acres). They could produce the electricity  60 megawatt . In a whole year , they could produce clean power electricity  for total 140 Millions Units for the locals.

These 2 places are the main visit on the trip en route between Chiang Mai – Bangkok or even Bangkok to Chiang Mai. We do suggest you to fill in these 2 places in the plan and you would love them.

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