The Sang Ka Tan

The Sang Ka Tan

Sangkatan 3

The Sang -Ka-Tan is the local Thai word  to call the yellow bucket which contain many daily  life stuffs to offer to the monks.  This is one way for the people to offer things to the monks instead of Morning Alm offering that we had mentioned before.

The Sang-ka-Tan doesn’t fix the time. You could offer the Sang-Ka-Tan any time during the day which is different from the Morning Alm Offering ( Of course it has the word ” Morning”:) ) . In one yellow bucket contain of  a small bag of rice , toothpaste , toothbrush , some first aid kid , Tissue paper , incense and candles or etc. You could also buy all these buckets from the Sang-Ka-Tan shops ( The special shop where they sell the things and stuffs to use in the temples). However it is not necessary  to but them from the Sang-Ka -Tan shops.  You could go the any stores and by the things you would prefer to offer to the monks and temples. However in Thai way , we are not going to buy the cigarettes , alcohol drinks and somethings that against with the moral and the Buddhist rules because it is sinful.

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Somethings more healthy and useful for them to use in the temples or even to support to the kids in the temples schools are more appreciate.

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