New Normal that’s not normal for us.

This word is now could be very important and become the update life style that we are all do follow with pleased. It might not be easy at first, but we must do in term to stay safe and healthy. Since the Coronavirus (Covid-19) had already announced for its power which scared the people all round the world as its wouldn’t tell us how long and when it’s going to be end. We may now see no clues to get over it, but soon somedays we will. For now on, we could do only stay with it and keep ourselves strong and healthy in both physically and mentally for the rising future again.

New way of life has already started for us all no matter who we are. Things change so quickly and replaces with all new technology to connect us in the different corners in this world to be closer via the internet. We couldn’t deny that internet has more effect and very important to our live than we though. Some of the elderly in the developed countries like Thailand, they didn’t even think that they have to learn all technology in a very short time to catch up the changing world. Things replaces with new kind of technology that we have used in our daily life and in every minutes.  Learning by using is the best way to make it faster than counting from one to ten.  Now we could do many things in only a few seconds It like power in our hands, but we have to make it right and useful. When internet and technology  have become main character in this days, we could have a better things in the future. Now we have seen many people use the technology and the internet mainly to invent, connect each other and trading.  Travelling would be the next step as for the Coronavirus has the main condition by stopping people to meet in person, so we meet each other by technology that we have created. Travel now could be seen on TV, internet channels and more. We have now called “ Thiew Thip” ( Magic travel : See all places via the TV or internet as well as rerun for trips we had been to.)  One thing we could say is travelling could be more fun and happier if we could feel the real atmosphere, feel and touch by our senses not only the pictures in the box.

We really miss that kinds of things already and couldn’t wait till we could travel again and show you how beautiful our country and our area are. Hope to see you in the nearest future.



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