Missing the journey…

Is there anyone missing the journey during this year and a half of the spreading of the Coronavirus? If yes, we are the same group!! Nobody knows that it would take this long for is all to stay with it. Also now body could even tell us when it is going to be gone from this world. New Normal is the new word that people have learned and have to obey for the rules to survive. Things returns to their ways and stay quietly to be seen again after the hard time pass.

We miss a lots of time we spend on the route from place to place and explaining what we have known about Thailand to you as our new visitors and friends who comes from different corners of around world. Of course Bangkok is always the first destination in Thailand where people landed from abroad to visit then they could decide where to go next. Many people have a plan for many days to cover all places in Thailand as much as they could. Many should to go bit by bit and keep the destination plan in their list to revisit again and again.  As people have different ideas and time for vocations. In a very short time that they could adjust would be 3 days to see things from Bangkok and end in Chiang Mai as well have the international airport for the clients to fly out to the next destination or fly home.  By car, the journey starts and stops by on the way. There are many things for the visitors to see and learn on route. Nature, places , temples, local life and tradition. These still not includes the stories and legends that you could listen from our local guides with their experiences and their knowledge. Smiling and laughing fulfill your journey to make more experience as well as a good memory. Well management and route planning that we offers could give you more experiences in term of fun, relaxing and happy. Not only your smiles as our rewards, we also feel happy and proud to show you our mother land and home town. 

What we don’t know is how long time till we could get back to our normal life and travel. However we do have a great hope that we will be soon back to the tracks as we are all used to be. We couldn’t wait for that time we could hit the road for the great journey and show you what we have in our country. Till we meet again!



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