Before the rain gone.

When we talk about the rain, it always something about fresh from water from above that all people need to get rid of the heat and more fertile as rain helps  the farmers to cultivate all plants. We couldn’t deny that rain could give us a very good fresh atmosphere which support the plants and cultivation to have more products. However this we just talked about rain in the appropriate amount only. Not about too much rain that could cause trouble. When there is too much rain, there are also flood in many area if we have failed in water management in both ways. This one and half year, we could see the world climate has changed a lot and cause us in trouble. As we know now, it looks dangerous. Diseases have more progress to improve and fight with the human immunization. We feel that it is hard from us to catch up and invent the medicine or vaccine to protect us in time. While we are facing with new kind of disease and try to invent the medicine or vaccine to protect lives. The disease has already one step ahead. This time we couldn’t be so sure that when we could win over it, but all of us could do our best to stay safe.

Rainy season could be too long in the mind as we have to stay calm and remain safe. We have been worried that the situation is going to get worse as the climate change that it could cause the people to get cold and sick. The weather has many effect  in our daily life. Humidity is good for dry weather, but not for now. Hopefully that we are all could make it through and get back on the track as soon as possible. Then we could see each other again, no matter where we are from.



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