The famous Chiang Rai province

Instead of Chiang Mai, the most remarkable place to visit as the rose of the North Thailand, Chiang Rai is one of the places where you could find the lovely and perfect combination of nature as well. Then if you knew this, don’t forget to add this lovely province to your travel list!

When visitors heard about Chiang Rai province, they usually think of Golden Triangle, White temple, Blue Temple and Black house as they are the most famous and well known as Chiang Rai landmark to visit. However you have more time to explore, we would like to tell you that there are more things to do and to see in Chiang Rai. Travelling to Thailand is easy to go around and combine many places into your plan trip. If you have many days travelling in Thailand, we do suggest you to start from Bangkok as it is more convenience for you to fly. Then travel in Bangkok and continue to many different provinces in route for you to see and impress. As we had informed earlier about Chiang Rai where most people visit and fall in love with the landscape, atmosphere and local people. This province located 190 kilometers away from Chiang Mai with the windy road, plus the scenery of the mountains view, it is a great view to see for someone who loves the forest and landscape to see. Many times, we had mentioned about the famous attractions in the town such as Rong Khoon temple or known for all visitors by White temple or Silver temple because of the graceful white buildings and the glittering of the small pieces of the mirror which reflex with the sunlight. More over it also represents the philosophy of lives. Rong Sua Ten or Blue temple with the blue main temple hall which almost reaching the sky to be one. Red temple or Huay Plakung Temple  with the hextagon building with the wood carving statues and the high viewpoint from the inside of the Quan Sii Im Goddess. Black House or the Black museum where you could admire with arts aftifects and the collections. Doi Tung Royal Villa of the Princess Mother of King Rama 9th who taking care of the hilltribes people. Chiang Rai is not also just the temples. Also if  you love coffee, this is the place for you. Chiang Rai has hilly area and good climate for coffee plantation, the coffee from Chiang Rai sells in many places around Thailand and export as well. Let say that if you have more time while visiting or having your holiday in Thailand, you could add Chiang Rai province in to you travel list. All of the attraction couldn’t fit in one ay trip however the trip could be in a day for some for the famous sites or you could have many days by overnight in Chiang Rai and slowly observe and enjoy the atmosphere which would be 2 days 1 night or 3 days 2 nights and 5 Days 4 Nights Chiang Mi & Chiang Rai.

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