Doi Tung Royal Villa of The Princess Mother of King Rama 9th of Thailand.

Doi Tung Royal Villa of The Princess Mother of King Rama 9th of Thailand.

One of the destinations in Chiang Rai that you shouldn’t miss is “Doi Tung Royal Villa”. Located in Chiang Rai Province by the Princess Mother of King Rama 9th of Thailand to develop the hilltribes life to be better as well as to stop the opium cultivation. Started in December 1987. The main building on the hill is a2 stories log cabin house mixing the Thai and Swiss style with the balcony to see the mountain and the garden view. The building has 4 sections which connected to each other: The Princess Mother’s section, Her daughter’s section as well as the 2 sections of the followers. The most interesting room would be the main hall where she would allow to meet as well as work in the same time. The wall room decorated with the silk weaving and embroidered. There are also the painting which show you the different vision of the view of the Doi Tung Temple in the dawn and the dark just walking and stick your eyes on the painting, you could see that every steps you walk the view would change effect this by the light and the shadow. Over the ceiling in the main hall, you would find the wood carving in the astrogeology and learning about the stars and planet as well as nearby the stairs that carved the Thai alphabets on it. From the main hall, you could also walk along the allowed walk way and pass by the Princess Mother’s bedroom which still be the same even she had passed away for many years. You could see how simple life she spent her life time when she was alive. The walk way would be one way walk from the main entrance to the exit.

Other part that is very famous for the visitors are the Continuity Garden as the center of the total area with the lovely garden and full of the variety of the colorful winter flowers. In the garden we could walk around and enjoy taking photos. This garden started in 1994 in the total area of 12 rai (4.7 acres). We could say to you that this would be one of the places, you could put on your list when you visit to the Northern of Thailand. You could start from Chiang Mai and continue to Chiang Rai or do the other way round because there are fight available from and back to Bangkok. If you have more days and time on the trip.

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