See you very soon in Chiang Mai !!!

It had been already a year and a half that travelling is forbidden. Many people have already miss the opportunity to travel and see the outside world once again. However these are depending on the condition of us if we had already vaccinated, it is the best way that give us more chance to go on.  Travelling is something that important for our life as it is the way to relax and hid away from all troubles that we have in our daily life no matter how bog problems they are. Only short time or short period that we could sneak out from the pressure from all things around us, It could gain more energy for us to get back and fight back. Your brain, you mind and your body would have more power like it is miracle.

Today we are glad to inform that the Thai Government had already announced and allowed Chiang Mai to open for the tourist after it had been closed due to the spreading of the Coronavirus. After the management and keep control the number has now reclined and we could once again to welcome the visitors. As we had informed you many time about Chiang Mai province. Our city is still as graceful as it used to be. Nature, culture as well as the local people  are still waiting for you here to witness.  If you could remember the atmosphere for the people who had visited Chiang Mai before as well as the new coming, we are very happy to welcome you to our lovely hometown. As we are the travel agency in Chiang Mai , we could provide you the services such as a day tour, package tours as well as the car rental with driver as you prefer. Please give us the opportunity to be as your service while visiting in Chiang Mai. We do hope that once when the thing gets better for us all, we could see you in Thailand and be part of the local to show you our Chiang Mai and our country, Thailand as always.

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