Thai Food Chalenge!!

Are you the food lover? Yes??? Really?

You couldn’t reject that Thai Food is one of the most popular food in the world. Many people visit to Thailand and love to try Thai food as in their countries might also have, but of course it would be very expensive and we are sure that it wouldn’t not really Thai taste. However the most interesting for all visitors would be a great opportunity for you to try and hand on by cooking Thai food by your own. Here in Thailand, there are many places that offer you the cooking course that you could try and learn to cook as the Thai do.

Most people have known Tum Yum Khoong ( Spicy Soup with prawn), Som Tum ( Papaya Salad), Por Pieer ( Spring Rolls), Kang Ped ( Red Curry), Khang Khiew Wan ( Green Curry) and of course the sweeten one, Mango with sticky rice. These are some example of the most popular Thai food that you don’t miss if you are in Thailand. However you could adjust the taste while you are in your country as all ingredients might hard to find. But moreover we want to tell you is about the street food which are good to try as well as in the restaurants. The differences might be about the prices, locations as well as the atmosphere which might not be so fancy as in the luxury restaurants. The simply sometimes is the best. We have heard from many visitors that the most delicious food might not be in the restaurants, but in the local family where you have visited or even on long the road where you have the journey! Only things to aware is the food along the street are locally and typically for the locals. Some of them are from the local ingredients that you might not know  or have seen them before. Open minded would be number one for you to learn and then you could try them. Let’s say for example where I live, my mother love to cook the mango leaves!! Yes!! It is true. You might be surprised about it, Because you have eaten only the mango fruits as fruit or in the dessert. The taste is spicy as the local love to eat spicy. So we could name it like” Spicy Mango leaves Salad”. As the ingredients we could at find them in our land property. Because if you ask many local people that they have mango trees at home, every of them would say yes. Trust me that you wouldn’t try this before. This dish could be find in mainly the north of Thailand. However we know that you couldn’t sometimes it is too spicy, but you could adjust the taste because you could decide how much chilli powder you prefer to try. Ummm… I’m water mouth now. Come!! I could cook and teach you. Then you will love it!!

Oh!! One thing we really want to tell you is our trips are adjustable which you could inform us for your assistance and also we guarantee that our team is going to offer you the local food on the entire route if you love the local food and you prefer to try!!


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