Khun Dan Prakarn Chol Dam, Nakornnayok.

In our blog we had mentioned about Mae Ngad Dam in Chiang Mai once. Today we are going to tell
you more about the dam called ” Khun Dan Prakarnchol Dam “. This dam located in Nakhornnayok
province. It is assumed that the biggest concrete dam with 93 meters high and 2,720 meters long.
This dam collects the water from Nakhornnayok in the purpose to support the irrigation channels for
the farmers in the area and it could contain 224 million cubic meters in total. The dam could see
from the main entrance before you reach the parking space. From below you could see how big and
how strong of the current of the water that the irrigation channels let out from the parking. After
driving to the top of the dam for the lovely bird’s eyes view. You could see both sides of the dam,
one full with water and the other is high view.
It is also interesting if you could go on the boat trip inside the dam. The boat trip would take to some
waterfalls which hiding in the forest and you have to explore. The waterfall that you could see are
“Pha Ngarm Ngorn Waterfall” where the boat will drop you at the entrance. After jumping of the
boat, you would climb on the rock a bit to see the highlight of the waterfall. Other waterfall is” Pha
Chong Lom Waterfall”, the area called Chong Lom because the 2 mountains meet and still the wind
and water could flow through the gap. In dry season, you might have a chance to see the green grass
field before you reach to the waterfall. In rainy season, it is not possible to see the field as there is so
much water in the dam itself. Well we could say for sure that you could see these 2 waterfalls all
year round. Also these are the places for someone who loves nature because you could see the
butterflies with come to drink some water near by the waterfall as well. The pleasant boat ride with
the cool breath against your face and the green space of the mountains and trees will take your
breath away.

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