Sang Kaew Bodhiyarn Skywalk, Chiang Rai.

 Sang Kaew Bodhiyarn Skywalk, Mae Suai Temple Chiang Rai.

If we are talking about where to visit in the North of Thailand, of course Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai are always the highlight to visit. As there are varieties of places and things to see and to do. Travel to Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai is easy as they are not too far and known as the neighbor province which surrounded by mountains and forests.

Most people love to visit to the main city area of Chiang Rai such as the famous White temple ( Chiang Rai Sliver temple or Rong Khun Temple), Blue temple ( Rong Sua Ten Temple) or even The famous Golden Triangle where you could see the 3 countries borders. This time, we would like to suggest you the new landmark where located in Chiang Rai province however it is not too far into Chiang Rai city itself. We are talking about one of the local temple called “ Sang Kaew Bodhiyarn Temple”. Located in Mae Suai district which takes only 137 kms from Chiang Rai. This temple founded by Kru Ba Ariyachart. He dreamt of the holy ground once and searched for it and had started to build the temple, meditate in good deed as you see the temple now. The temple ground is big and many beautiful architects you could see from the buildings. The highlight is the 2 stories glass skywalk where you could see the viewpoint of the temple itself and the area nearby from above.  With some donations, you could get the socks from the staff to wear when walking on it. This skywalk is special as it is all glass which you could see through below. The visitor limit on top of the glass skywalk is not more than 100 people for safety. Then with this reason, we are not suggested to visit in the festival time. Not only crowded, but also for you to enjoy with the scenery and relax. Over the top view, you could see the Big Buddha image closer as well as the statues below more clearly. Telling you in the words may be not the best way till you see with your own eyes.

We do hope that you could add this temple in your travel list just for a day visit or combine with some other attractions in Chiang Rai and even to spend overnight to see more.

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