The Biggest Freshwater Lake, Bueng Borapet, Thailand

Bueng Borapet, the Biggest Freshwater Lake in Thailand.

Beng Borapet is the name of the biggest freshwater lake in Thailand. With the area of 132,737 Rai ( 224 square kilometers) and 25 ms ( 82 ft.) from the surface elevation. Originally area are rice fields covered with by the large swamp which was flooded in 1930 by intended to build the dam and lake.

 It might not very often that you might heard of the name, Beng Borapet. 

Bueng Borapet is one of the site which well known for the places where you could see many wild ducks, White-eyed river martin birds, Purple Swamphen  birds, Storks , Ardeidae , Great herons , Indian Cormorant and more. Also varieties of fish such as Siamese Giant Carp , Freshwater Stingray, Chaophaya Giant Catfish, Black Ear Catfish ,Spotted Featherback  as well as the Siamese Tiger Fish.

In difference time of the year, we could see the different environment around  Bueng Borapet.  The most famous time is in winter time ( From December to February every year) that you could see both wild birds and wild water Lilly which blooming in pink in the swamp. Other time of the year, there are still some Water Lilly however it might not as many as in the winter as informed, but still wild ducks and birds for  you to enjoy. Going to see around the lake, we could take the boat that you could comfort sit and stand for seeing and taking photos. The boat trip is around an hour for you to enjoy with the beautiful and wonderful picturesque view of Nakornsawan highlight, small town which not many people know and stop by.

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