Interesting Fried Breadstick or Pa-Tong-Ko

Interesting Fried Breadstick or Pa-Tong-Ko

“ The Pa-Tong-Ko”

Light breakfast you could have with the coffee in Thai-Chinese style. “Pa-Tong-Ko” is the word calling “ Oil Fried Pastry” ,“ White Sugar Sponge Cake” , “ Fried Breadstick”.

The “Pa-Tong-Ko” is a long golden-brown deep-fried strip of dough eaten in China and (by a variety of other names) in other East and Southeast Asian cuisines and of cause Thailand as well. We could find them everywhere however when you are in Chiang Mai, there is one place you could find the special Pa-Tong-Ko.  Walk along Chiang Mai city in the morning if you have a change to go along Chang Moi Rd. and continue the street to Witchayanont Rd. which would lead you to the biggest day local market , Kard Luang ( The story we used to tell you in April,2016). You could find a small Pa-Tong-Ko shop in market there. The small Pa-Tong-Ko shop named “ Ko-Neng”  ( Uncle Neng) which opens every day from 6.15am -11.30am.


How special “ Pa-Tong-Ko” from “ Ko-Neng’s shop”?

Normally we could find “Pa-Tong-Ko” which always comes in pairs depending on how long. Some of them comes with 2 inches long , 4-5 inches log or even a foot long ( 12 inches). That we could tell you that , it is very simple once. Come to Ko-Neng then you could find the Pa-Tong-Ko in new look!


Art is in his heart. “Ko Neng” loves to create his Pa-Tong-Ko into the cartoon or animal shapes. His Pa-Tong-Ko would come as the elephant, Dragons or crocodiles.



If there are not many customers and he is not too busy, you could tell him and he could tries to create the Pa-Tong-Ko as requested. His shop if in the lane on your left on Witchayanont Rd.. Tern left at Thanachart bank ( in Orange sign) only 5-10 meters from the main street, you could find his shop there. Ko Neng’s shop also serves fresh hot milk and fresh soy milk for breakfast. You could eat in his shop or order to take away as well. It is somethings that nice and fulfill your morning before you could explore the biggest day local markets or Kard Luang or somewhere else in Chiang Mai city area. Holding his Pa-Tong-Ko and walking along the street would be some nice picture as well. No worry , no hungry because you’ve got Pa-Tong –Ko in your hands.


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