Su Tong Pae , the bamboo bridge of hope

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Travel to Mae Hong Son area , one of the northern province in Thailand with many curves and long distance. However it is worth to visit. With the lovely nature of the scenery and the locals people. It is still a charming place to visit. One of the place suggested on this page is ” Su Tong Pa”, the bamboo bridge of faith and hope. It was built in 20th April,2012 to connect the temple up the hill with the locals. IN the old day the monks had to walk in the long distance to reach the villagers for the food ( Alm bowl offering in the early morning). Also for the locals to reach the temple for making  merit  and visit to the temple for monk chat and praying.
The bridge itself was built by the the bamboo which is easy to find in the area as well as the teak wood pillars which offer by the locals. The bridge is roughly  2 meters in width and 500 meters long from one side to the other  over the fields. While walking over the bridge you could also see part of the farms underneath as well.
It took  2 months and 12 days to build and it is opened for the public on 5th August,2012. It is one of the place in Mae Hong Son that you shouldn’t miss.


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