Talard Nam Damnoen! ( Damnoensaduak Floating Market)

Damnoensaduak Floting Market


Market ! Market ! Market!  You might say that markets again!

Please , please ,please! This market is worth to visit.

Talard Nam Damnoensaduak or Damnoensaduak  Floating Market is located in Rachburi Province and connect  to Samutsakorn as well as Samutsongkram.  Damnoensaduak canal  is the name from King Rama 5th of Thailand which was dug by the human which is the longest  and the straightest in Thailand in order to connect the River Mae Klong and  the river Tha Jean for the  transportation as well as the trading. The canal took 2 years  to finish it. The total is 32 kilometers and there are 200 small canals which spread out in the area.  In the old days , the locals always used the small paddles boat to go around and selling their products.  Now a day, there are some old style paddle  boats still in Damnoensaduak Floating market. However there are also many of the motor boats for you to try  as well. Along the way, you could also see the nice and lovely  scenery of the houses and the fruit orchards on the way as well. To get to Damnoensaduak  from Bangkok  would take an hour and a half, depending on the traffic with 95 kilometers  by car.





Damnoensaduak  Floating Market is the lovely place for you to visit and see the local life style of the local people of Thailand which still keep continue  as in the old days. We would like to suggested that for the next trip to Thailand if you have enough time, you should put Damnoensaduak Floating Market  on the list of the place to visit in Thailand for your future.


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