Local coffee council ( Sa-pa Kafae)

Local coffee council ( Sa-pa  Kafae)



The Sa-Pa  Ka Fae is common name used to call the local coffee shop which serve coffee, tea as well as some light breakfast. The place where people could have breakfast meal and chatting in the same time. There are many coffee shops in Chiang Mai area and near by. However today we would like to recommend one of them where you could find in Chiang Mai city area.

The Sa- Pa Kafae which we are going to recommend today is located on Changklan Rd., It is across from Chiang Mai Land Village which would take 15 minutes from the old city by the local taxi. The small local coffee shop and restaurant for breakfast would on your left side of the street. It is very simple ,but it is unique. With the friendly staffs itself as well as the how simple it is, but it has own charm. There are many people stops by and even waiting for the table to enjoy the coffee and food here. Not only the simple atmosphere, the way they manage the service is also perfect as well. When you hop in , find the paper and pen, get the table and write the order you need in the the paper and wait at your table. The waiters and waitress would serve your orders at the table.

The price for the food and drinks  ( coffee and tea)  offers there is reasonable price. You could have 4 manu for 100-120 THB.  The manu is on the wall which you could see the list and the price shown clearly. Only one thing if you think you need more food you might have to order quick  or order in one time to avoid queuing  up for the next manu.

This Sa-pa Kafae is open from 05.30am -11.00am only. Hope this might be some idea or some choice if you travelling alone and love to eat with in the local shop. You could try!

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