Sticky Waterfall

Sticky Waterfall
Sticky Waterfall or in Thai called ” Buathong Waterfall” is located 65 kilometers from Chiang Mai city called Proa District , Chiang Mai. It is the natural lime stone waterfall. It is called ” Sticky Waterfall” because peoplecould climb up the waterfall easily with no problem. Clear water runs through the top of the waterfall closes by the parking space. The waterfall originated from the pound up the to top of the waterfall called ” Nam Pu Jed Si” ( The rainbow fountain). The water is very clear and clean because of the substance called “Calcium Carbonate” inside the water. When the sunshine against the water, you could see 7 colors of the rainbow in the pound.
The waterfall itself is from lime atone with the substance called ” Calcium Carbonate” cover on the top which make the surface of the rocks and stone rough and easy to step on. No wonder the  people called it ” The sticky waterfall” There are 4 floors together with total 250 meters. There are also some parts with the robe tiding for people to grab for more confident while climbing.
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