Chiang Mai City Center , ” Three King Monument”

Three Kings’ Monument ( Anusawari Sarm Kasat)
Visit to Chiang Mai and walking a round by foot is something very need. Walking gives you different visions and views and 100% different from riding or riding in cars or vehicle. Slowly stroll on the street is better to see more. Chiang Mai city center is one of the place where you shouldn’t miss. Here you could see the ” Three King Monumnet” which use as Chiang Mai city center. The monument of the 3 kings consists of King Meng Rai who is in the middle. King Ngam Muang ,on your left and the last on on your right is King Ram Khamheang of Sukhothai Kingdom. This was the place where they had made the decision to built Chiang Mai.  Now you would understand easily why it became the city center.
The monument designed by Khun Khaimuk Chuto . It took 14 years to finish. It was installed at the front of the former Governor ’s Hall on September 23rd , 1983 at 11 : 59 am.
The big open ground in front of the monument is the place where some of the important activities take place. It is not only the attraction place for all people to come for photos , you could also visit Chiang Mai  Museum behind the monument for Chiang Mai information as well as the Folk Museum opposite the monument as well.
You have to worry if you hang out around the area for hour or more. There are many food and restaurants around the area for you to try and test. This place is one of the place we would recommended for you to visit and walk around to get some information about Chiang Mai.
However if you prefer to learn more and get closer look to some other attractions in Chiang Mai or near by you could see more information as below.





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