Kanchanaburi Province


The trip from Bangkok to Chiang Mai usually have many places for you to visit and enjoy. Today we are going to tell you about “ Kanchanaburi” , one of the famous place to visit. From Bangkok  129 kilometers by car, you could visit this famous site as Kanchanaburi  is the 3rd largest province in Thailand. You might have heard about the famous site called “ The Death Railroad” which was built during  the 2nd World War under the Japanese control  by  captive at that time. Almost half of the prisoners working on the project died from disease, maltreatment, or accidents. There’s still the evidence you could see at the Kanchanburi War Cemetery as present.

From the main street called “ Saeng Chuto Rd.,” you could find the train station which you could get on the local train and tracing the railroad on the Death Railroad. There would be 2 different trips for the train. One train you could catch and start the trip  from Bangkok, however it would leave Bangkok very early. We do suggest the second choice by taking the train from Kanchanaburi  train station which would take only an hour for the ride. You could enjoy and see the famous  Death Railroad until get off at Tham Krasae Station. The train leads you through the local area by passing the small villages, passing the River Kwae Bridge ( 2rd War World Bridge from iron over the River Kwae)  and finally before reaching Krasae Station, you could find the railroad goes slowly against with the cliff where you could see the depth from the train window.  This is the highlight for you to take photos. The train would stop by Krasae Station for us to get off and then continue on its way. After get off the train, you could also walking on the death railroad for taking the pictures as well as visit Tham Krasae ( Krasae cave) near by the railroad where once during the 2nd World War used to be the shelter for the captive at that time.




Kanchanaburi still has beautiful nature for you to see such as Sai Yok Waterfall and Arawan Waterfall. Theses attractions in Kanchanburi as suggested you could start from Bangkok to Chiang Mai or from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, it depends on how you plan your trip while visiting Thailand. You could also let us, Chiang Mai Tour Center  help you to plan the pleasant trip in Thailand.


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