Know when you are in Thailand.

Know when you are in Thailand.

Do and Don’t in Thai ways. 

Thailand is one of the famous tourist  attraction that many people plan to visit once or more. We are the country with the long history, rich of culture, tradition and big smiles.  Travel to Thailand, there are things you should  know and they would be very useful for you while travelling in Thailand.

Greeting in Thai style.

In Thai culture, we usually greeting by “The Wai” (  This is the lovely way to do when you first arrive in Thailand and meet Thais as the first time to get the first impression. By the link, you could learn more meaning of the “Wai”.

In all temples

As Thailand is the Buddhist country, people are very strict to the way of showing the sign of respect to the Lord Buddha. Visiting the temples, you should dress appropriately : Tops with sleeves cover your shoulders is good if you prefer to have a tank top, please provide the scarf covered to show politeness. Shorts are not allowed in the temples or the sacred area. It is better if you could have the pants or skirt below your knees. However in the hot weather, you could also wear shorts ,but with the cover. Sarong or scarves are allowed to wrap around to show politeness as well.

Getting inside the temple halls with shoes  is not allowed. No matter you would say just a few minutes for taking pictures.  Unless there is a sign informed that you could have your shoes on ( In Bangkok, there are some temples allowed shoes inside : Wat Phu Khoa Thong ( The Golden Mountain in Bangkok) for example.

In temples area, Thais would sit on the floor. It is better for you to sit on the floor as well. Stand higher than the elderly is not polite.

Sitting by pointing your feet  is not polite as the Lord Buddha is the highly respect for the local as the God. In somehow , you could observe what the locals do in the temples area that would help a lot. Locals could also help you in explaining with opened heart.

Visiting to Thais’ House.

Thai people are gentle and kind if you have a change to visit them  if they invite you to their houses. Please be sure that you take of your shoes before get in to their houses. Most of the Thai believe in the houses, there are the god and goddess who protect the houses and family. Cleanliness is one of the reasons that we have to take of the shoes.  There are also carpets in front of the doors as the sign to tell you “ Shoes off ,please.”

If you are invited for some meals with the Thai family, please don’t be shy to try all food they offer. In Thai way if you eat just little, we are worry that you don’t like our food. It is very common when there are guests visit to our house, the host family usually cook by themselves however less spicy then it used to be. They would be happy if you try the local food and enjoy eating.

Something in persons.

Touching and the way to approaching to the Thai especially the ladies is important. In the bar that is fine. However you would meet many people during you visit , sometimes it is important to see if they are okay for your to touch, hug or else.

Sign language.

“Sign Language” or common called “ Body Language” is also important in Thailand.  For example : Feet are the lower part of the body. It is unacceptable  for the locals to use your feet pointing a t things or pointing at someone. It is very rude to do.

Sometimes we knew that you might appreciate with the places , views or the architect or building, but it doesn’t mean that you could always climb on the buildings , The Buddha images and other sacred things for the local and  taking pictures  to get the coolest pictures in your idea.  It is better to respect  the culture and tradition of other countries you have visited.


If there is the time to say good bye and move on the trip to some other places in Thailand or leaving Thailand  to other country. You could also use the “Wai” as well as the way to say good bye with the Thais.

We knew that  it might be annoying for some people when travelling in Thailand. However  with all small things ,but important and more delicate in how local people feel which is important and not difficult at all for us to do as you have the sentence say “ When in Rome, do as the Roman do.” It is the same “ When in Thailand , do as the Thai do”.


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